Why Couples Work With Us 

Financial Teamwork

Prevent fighting about finances 

Set personally-meaningful goals

Value-Directed Living

Commitment to living according to your personal values 

Accepting what cannot be changed, self-compassion

Relationship Enrichment

Align your personal values 

Assess your unique strengths

Our signature method guides you, as a team, through all the must-have conversations.


  • develop habits for financial teamwork

  • increase mindfulness 

  • reduce stress

  • get comfortable with money management

  • set personally meaningful goals

  • strengthen the relationship

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Our Mission

Prevent financial and relationship distress in young couples. 

Our secret ingredient 

is behavioral science

We use cutting-edge research, techniques, and theory from multiple disciplines.

Clinical Psychology & Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Analysis 

Financial Habit & Relationship Assessment

Habit Change 

Mental Health Screening

Scientific Research & Theory

Effectiveness of Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Economics

Psychology of Change Motivation

Experiential Learning Research & Techniques 

Social Learning Theory

Behavioral Finance

Maintaining new Financial Habits

Recognizing Biases in Financial Decisions

Removing Opportunity for Mistakes through Automation

Financial Education

Money Management Best Practices

Resource Awareness

Goal-Setting as a Relationship Activity

Learning about Partner’s Financial History

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