Annette Miller, MEd

CEO, Cofounder



Executive Summary

Product Preview


As a social psychologist whose research focuses on interpersonal relationships, I am thrilled to see Annette and Michael apply their considerable talents to finding a solution to helping couples talk about one of the leading sources of of relational stress: money. Enriched Couples is the right product at the right time helmed by the right people!
Through [my applied product research] experience and my doctoral training in clinical psychology, I understand the critical importance of the problem Enriched Couples solves. It impacts millions of Americans' personal mental health, relationships, and economic stability. In addition to the innovative methodology they have developed, I can attest that the founding team has a thorough understanding of the problem from a product-market need (commercialization) point of view.
I had the pleasure of meeting Annette while in Louisville as part of our eco dev work, and I was really impressed with the product she and her team have developed.
I have had the privilege of knowing Annette from the time she first started developing Enriched. I was initially intrigued by [the product], because as newlyweds, my husband and were trying to sort out our combined finances and establishing our financial goals for our life together. There doesn't seem to be any good solution that addresses the complex logistic and relationship issues that arise out of combining finances.
As an alumni of Techstars and 2 other accelerator programs myself, I've learned what it takes to the occasion. Annette is hungry for mentorship, open, authentic. She's so excited about the impact her company can make on relationships and real lives. It's cool to see her in the right place at the right time to surprise the fintech space with a surprisingly human solution to an age-old problem.
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