Talking about money can make your relationship stronger than ever.

Enriched Couples makes it possible. And, it's all based on proven, psychological science.

The platform is currently in private testing with couples in the USA by invitation.

How it works

  • Measure
  • Learn
  • Track
  • current relationship habits 
  • relationship outlook
  • history with money
  • attitudes about money
  • financial stress
  • confidence with money
  • increase trust together
  • reflect on core personal values
  • identify concerns about money
  • learn healthy communication skills 
  • practice using new skills in guided exercises
  • track relationship habits over time
  • unify financial goals for a shared vision
  • prioritize saving and spending that aligns with values 

Family Financial Stress

Personal finance in relationships is a US mental health crisis. An entire generation of emerging families is at risk of relationship conflict, divorce, and financial hardship.

# 0

predictor of divorce

# 0

source of stress for Americans

Built By Two (Nerdy) 
Millennial Behavior Therapists

We blended proven techniques with innovative research to form a new methodology.

headshot annette miller in white outfit

Annette Miller, MEd

Cofounder and CEO

She/her. Personal finance nerd, experienced SaaS salesperson, economic equality advocate, total whiskey snob, holder of masters in Counseling Psychology.

Fun fact ✨ Delivered pizza in college

Michael May, MA, LCPC

Cofounder and Chief Wellness Officer

He/him. Behavioral science nerd, trainer to other psychotherapists across the US, LGBTQ+ rights advocate, holder of masters in Mental Health Counseling.

Fun fact ✨ Professionally trained in opera performance

0 M

millennials/gen z partners
at risk of depression, anxiety

0 %

millennial couples
stressed about financial decisions

0 %

Americans reporting "high psychological distress" due to COVID financial hardships


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